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Alien Face Lift 2012

Alien Face Lift 2012 album cover art

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Name: Alien Face Lift 2012
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
Length: 59:35 min, 7 tracks
Style: Psychedelic, Full On, Melodic
Copyright: QPA (c) 2012
Label: Qubetech net

Track list

01 – 9:10 – Synchronicity By Design
02 – 7:45 – Breakfast on Sirius A
03 – 9:18 – Ark of the Covenant
04 – 9:23 – Twisted History
05 – 8:19 – Banana Republic Earth
06 – 8:43 – The Ant People
07 – 7:06 – Liquid Impressions

QPA Download Store
Qubenzis Bandcamp

Alien Face Lift 2012 is an epic story. A one hour musical journey into a world of well produced, original, mind blowing, intelligent psychedelic Trance.

QPA clearly define the Alien presence in the music by blending mind teasing sound samples with melodic, bubbling synthesizers and psy-kicks. A clear "wake up" call to all you guys who still doubt that 2012 (and onward) is an extremely crucial time period for the evolution & development of humanity..


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QPA News! 12.07.2011

1) Alien Face Shift by QPA
2) Free Loops and samples
3) New Mini Psy Samples Pack
4) Live Dj Session with QPA

QPA Logo
Name of this release is Alien Shift. Music created by Qubenzis Psy Audio

New 6 track Album Pre Release | Play Sample Tracks (soundcloud)
Already now available here in Qubenzis Download Store


An extra special welcome to you if you recently joined qubenzis.com! And if you’ve been around for some time, thank you for staying in tune with QPA NEWS.


Alien Face Shift

While waiting for "Alien Inspiration – Neo Goa Inception" to be published by LUA psychedelic trance label I’ve been compiling another album/EP


New album by qpaThe music is already in QPA’s store. If you want to hear some of it I posted a few tracks and samples on soundcloud.com/qpa

Later this summer the album will be available in most major download stores.

New Free Psy Loops [WAV 44.1Khz / 16bit]

All downloads can also be found  here
(dates = posts are activated)

Loops (also found in the 42 Psy Loops Mini Pack)

Psy Beat 142bpm Our Little Friends
Psy Beat
142bpm Elves Step psy Loop
Psy Beat
142bpm Elves Step Prog. (07/12)
Psy Beat 143bpm Sirius A, Basic (07/16)
Psy Beat 143bpm Sirius A, Full On (07/19)
Psy Beat
143bpm Banana Republic Earth (07/23)
Psy Bass
143bpm Fat Mono Bass (07/17)
Psy Kick
142bpm Elves Step psykick loop
FX Loop
FX Sound Sirius A, Ambience (07/13)


Mega Sample Pack2011. Psychedelic trance production kit

Psykicks Sample-pack

Mini Samplepack 30 Psykicks.

MINI SAMPLES PACK - 42 PSY LOOPS42 Psy Loops Mini Pack

I just uploaded another mini samples pack with some absolutely fresh loops production. Most of the music  which the samples are extracted from are right from the drawing board, now only available in Qubenzis Download Store.

All samples can be  previewed in mp3 from this page. Enjoy!

42 Psy-Loops 
Mini Samples Pack 6.59
eur (Paypal and most cards)

Includes a few fat bass loops, 2 psy kick loops and more.

1,50 Euro Discount Code: 42SMPK1DIS (valid 1 time until 31 Dec 2011)

QPA Live DJ Session – Psychedelic Trance

Bar Copas Sauce, Coin, Spain | more info | Map

QPA Dj session at El-Sauce 16 Jul, 2011. Coin, Spain

QPA DJ Session! Psychedelic Trance :: Jul 16 2011 [FREE]

It’s all happening here, next Saturday, in and outside the cosy tapa-bar and restaurant El Sauce, just 5 min outside the town of Coin (direction Alozaina), 40 km from Malaga in Spain.

Everybody welcome to enjoy a few hours of uplifting exotic beats and sparkly melodies. High quality psytrance production guaranteed. Dj is Qubenzis Psy Audio. Hope to see you there 🙂

Facebook Eventmore info | Map

That’s it for this time.

Ricky .::QPA::.

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