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QPA News! 20.05.2011 | As published on qubenzis.com
1) New EP by QPA
2) Free Loops and samples
3) Your help appreciated
QPA Logo
Name of this release is Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception. Music created by Qubenzis Psy Audio
New 5 track EP on coming! Label: LUA | Play Sample Tracks
Also soon available in Qubenzis Download Store

This newsletter is more or less the same as the one I mail out to all qubenzis.com’s 7500 registered users. All the time, 24/7, people (and occasional aliens) register with QPA’s website. A special greeting to all of you who just joined qubenzis.com!

Here’s another issue of QPA News, this time with a bunch of new, better, psy beat loops and a few Sound FX, all free to download.

I also have the pleasure to present a new release by QPA. It is called “Alien Inspiration – Neo Goa Inception“, published by the awesome psychedelic trance label LUA Records.

While writing this the EP release date is still to be announced. The 5 tracks already are in the mastering and publishing pipeline organized by Aliennature. Until fully released you can enjoy some samples right here. Enjoy!

QPA NEWS newsletterMeta Dawn :: Total Disclosure Demanded VISIT THE CD STOREMega Sample Pack2011. Psychedelic trance production kitMEGA SAMPLE PACKMini Samplepack 30 Psykicks.Psykicks Sample-pack

The Subsequent Alien Space Stomping Hippie Species.

Buy FLAC, WAV, Mp3

Trance Moon Psychedelic Trance Internet RadioPsy Radio | Dark Radio

New Free Psy Loops + a few Samples
All downloads can be found here (dates = posts are activated)

Psy Loop Conf. Alien! Solid! 141bpm. (24/05)
Psy Loop Conf. Alien V2! 141bpm (23/05)
Psy Loop Prog. High eq. kick. 144bpm (22/05)
Psy Loop High eq. kick + seq. bass (21/05)
Psy Loop Goa Inception 145bpm (20/05)
Psy Loop Only kick+sub-bass!  141bpm
Psy Loop One Drop Dark 146bpm
Psy Loop Liquid progressive, 143bpm
Psy Loop Liquid 2, progressive, 143bpm
Psy Loop Psybient Fairy Dust
Psy Loop First Drop Snare Shuffle, 146bpm
Rhythm Loop Percussive clave delay(25/05)

Psy Kick Alien (Deep) Power trance-kick wav
Psy Kick Psy Kick! Deep Impression
Kick loop Alien Power Deep kick + HiHat!

Ambience Smooth Fairy dust interlude
Ambience Atmospheric carpet with Hand Drum

FX Loop Nasal Perc Grinder
FX melody Tiny, sharp orient. melody
FX VOICE “He was lucky..” With loads of reverb
FX VOICE “Not a cloud in the sky….” With delay

Low Hertz
SUB Synth Compressed Analogue sub loop

Facebook and Soundcloud…. Your friendship appreciated
If you have a Soundcloud profile please connect with me, Qubenzis Psy Audio. Especially if you have music to share. I look forward to see (and hear) you over there.

Connect with QPA on Soundcloud music and producer network

And the same goes for Facebook where QPA have less than 40 friends (while writing this) and less than 100 likes on the artist page. If you and all the other subscribers to qubenzis.com “liked” the page or became friends there could be over seven thousand (7000!!!) ppl… That would be awesome, to say the least…. Please help me with spreading the musicConnect with QPA on Facebook.

Hey.. the party ain’t over, goes on and on…,
but this newsletter ends right here.




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This is a version of the official website newsletter. If you want to be on the email list you have to register with qubenzis.com, it’s free 🙂

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