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Q.P.A seem to perpetually explore new ideas within the electronic dance music genre popularly called “psytrance” or “psychedelic trance”. This time he offers a powerful musical journey, bringing you through both obscure and illuminated soundscapes.

Psychedelic Freedom cover art

A fusion of music aimed for those who’s intelligence crave more than the ordinary. Lua Records is proud to bring you Psychedelic Freedom produced by Qubenzis Psy Audio.

Album Data
Artist: Q.P.A AKA Qubenzis Psy Audio
Release: Psychedelic Freedom
Genre: Psy Trance/Night Psy
Label: Lua Records
Catalogue N: LUARCD030
Release Date: 10/06/2013
Format: CD and Download
UPC: 932342534427

01 – Vimana Journey
02 – Little Psychedelia
03 – Magic Harvest
04 – Suspended Reality
05 – Got it Already
06 – Panpsychism (free download)
07 – Human Harvest Remix
08 – My Alien Planet

Promo Pages:

Free sample Full length track “Panpsychism”
http://www.qubenzis.com/psychedelic-freedom/ [WAV or MP3 192kbps]

Qubenzis Download Store


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1) 50% OFF!! Total Spring Cleaning Discount
2) The Free Samples from the 38 Psy Beats pack
3) Music Party in Alora, Andalucia, Spain (12th May)
4) About Mulakong, my new band…
5) Featured Posts
QPA Logo
Hello everybody, psy travelers,Many new members registering during Mars and April. A sincere welcome to you guys and, as usual, a big thanx to all you who still subscribe to QPA News.

I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself this spring, producing electronic music or at least partying at any of the various festivals or clubs.

I also started to play in a band, Mulakong. A psychedelic Rock / Drum and Bass Trio. More about us below.

Wicked Ganesh - Goa Orst EP-Alien Inspiration
Alien Inspiration EP Cover
LUA Records Store
QPA Download Store
Free MP3 128k
Alien Face Lift 2012
Album Cover - Alien Face Lift 2012
WAV | Flac | MP3 320
Free MP3 192kb
Meta Dawn
Album Cover - Alien Face Lift 2012
WAV | Flac | MP3 320
Free MP3 192kb






(unlimited use, minimum 2EUR/2.60USD)

Click here to visit the download pageFREE psy beat loops Samples Extracted from the


Download Free | Beat Loop Twisted History Full On
Download Free | Beat Loop 2K12 Ark 01
Download Free | Beat Loop Synchronicity Full On
Download Free | Beat Loop 2K12 Faith 05
Download Free | Beat Loop Faith 03 w. Hand Drum
Download Free | Beat Loop Frog Elves Beat
Download Free | Beat Loop Energetic Elves Beat
Download Free | Beat Loop Elves Beat Dark Flow
Download Free | Beat Loop Elves Breath Bright SN.
Download Free | Beat Loop Sirius Prog 04
Download Free | Beat Loop Sirius Prog 01
Download Free | Beat Loop Psychedelic Republic

FIESTA TAJO AZUL II (ALORA – Andalucia – Spain)

MULAKONG – The band…
Now I play Keyboards, effects and samples in this awesome trio called Mulakong. Our sound ranges from psychedelic rock, drum and bass to dance friendly electronic. Rob G, the drummer, is just so skilled… a true pleasure to play with. Dermott, the driving force behind the band, is playing bass and guitars, a master of weird sounding effects but also a keen creator of simple steady bass lines. Keep your eyes and ears open for coming performances and music releases…



Fiesta Tajo Azul Alora Andalucia Spain Saturday May-12-2012You’re welcome to join us at this beautiful spot in the Andalucian mountains for a party with Live bands as well as a Psy dj session. See Google Maps for exact location. Also visit (and SHARE) the Facebook Events Page.

Goa Orst 44 Minute dj set! free listen / download
Enjoy this excellent psychedelic trance set. Can also be heard on Soundcloud if you so wish. Exes Effex kling klang…

FEED :: LastFM Goa Trance Journal Updates.
Free Downloads! Psy music from different parts of the world. Enjoy!

Para Halu :: Beats & Pieces
Anniversary Release Free Downloadfull Album. Don’t miss out on this generous gift from one of my fav psychedelic producers.

KLOD DJ – Progressive, Electronic House, psy.
Klod Dj – If you haven’t heard him yet it’s perhaps time to investigate this talented producer. Free full track promo Downloads (128kb)

Floatin Floatin Psytrance Mix by Psy Ras
1 hour psychedelic trance mix By Psy Ras (es). This time with floating almost progressive feel. Enjoy! Share with your friends…

Best Wishes, Namaste,

Ricky .::QPA::.

Visit Qubenzis Psy Audio Youtube channel for latest psychedelic trance videos Visit Qubenzis Psy Audio on Myspace Follow Qubenzis Psy Audio on Twitter Follow Qubenzis Psy Audio on Facebook Follow Qubenzis Psy Audio on Reverbnation band page Qubenzis Psy Audio on Soundcloud Qubenzis Psy Audio RSS feed. Latest Psytrance updates! Custom electronic producer search engine

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The psychedelic patterns, rhythms and melodies in this sonically detailed production by Qubenzis Psy Audio are inspired by the Goa psytrance music concept. Though, of course, mixed with a good portion of QPA’s original sound. A production suitable for the festival dance floor, clubs, as well as for listening only.

Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception Front Album Art Cover

Album Info
Name: Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio :sweden:
Style: Psychedelic, Goa inspired,
Length: 39 min
Tracks: 5
Released: 1/1/2012
Net Label: Qubetech.net

Track List

  1. 8:02 144bpmSpread The Word
  2. 6:57 141bpmConfirmed Alien
  3. 7:57 144bpm Another Alien Creature
  4. 8:24 145bpmSecond Inception
  5. 7:32 145bpmFirst Drop 

The anti-industrial adaption of advanced electronic music technology for the healing of a planet totally gone insane. Music for mind (= psy), body (= dance) and soul (= infinite). The eternal cosmic party welcomes everybody for a grand experience of unity and peace… forever…

WAV, FLAC, MP3 320kb: http://www.qubenzis.com/store/alien-inspiration
Free MP3 192kb: http://qubenzis.com/ep-alien-inspiration-free-download
Full previews: http://qubenzis.bandcamp.com/alien-inspiration-neo-goa

Qubenzis Psy Audio

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QPA News! 12.07.2011

1) Alien Face Shift by QPA
2) Free Loops and samples
3) New Mini Psy Samples Pack
4) Live Dj Session with QPA

QPA Logo
Name of this release is Alien Shift. Music created by Qubenzis Psy Audio

New 6 track Album Pre Release | Play Sample Tracks (soundcloud)
Already now available here in Qubenzis Download Store


An extra special welcome to you if you recently joined qubenzis.com! And if you’ve been around for some time, thank you for staying in tune with QPA NEWS.


Alien Face Shift

While waiting for "Alien Inspiration – Neo Goa Inception" to be published by LUA psychedelic trance label I’ve been compiling another album/EP


New album by qpaThe music is already in QPA’s store. If you want to hear some of it I posted a few tracks and samples on soundcloud.com/qpa

Later this summer the album will be available in most major download stores.

New Free Psy Loops [WAV 44.1Khz / 16bit]

All downloads can also be found  here
(dates = posts are activated)

Loops (also found in the 42 Psy Loops Mini Pack)

Psy Beat 142bpm Our Little Friends
Psy Beat
142bpm Elves Step psy Loop
Psy Beat
142bpm Elves Step Prog. (07/12)
Psy Beat 143bpm Sirius A, Basic (07/16)
Psy Beat 143bpm Sirius A, Full On (07/19)
Psy Beat
143bpm Banana Republic Earth (07/23)
Psy Bass
143bpm Fat Mono Bass (07/17)
Psy Kick
142bpm Elves Step psykick loop
FX Loop
FX Sound Sirius A, Ambience (07/13)


Mega Sample Pack2011. Psychedelic trance production kit

Psykicks Sample-pack

Mini Samplepack 30 Psykicks.

MINI SAMPLES PACK - 42 PSY LOOPS42 Psy Loops Mini Pack

I just uploaded another mini samples pack with some absolutely fresh loops production. Most of the music  which the samples are extracted from are right from the drawing board, now only available in Qubenzis Download Store.

All samples can be  previewed in mp3 from this page. Enjoy!

42 Psy-Loops 
Mini Samples Pack 6.59
eur (Paypal and most cards)

Includes a few fat bass loops, 2 psy kick loops and more.

1,50 Euro Discount Code: 42SMPK1DIS (valid 1 time until 31 Dec 2011)

QPA Live DJ Session – Psychedelic Trance

Bar Copas Sauce, Coin, Spain | more info | Map

QPA Dj session at El-Sauce 16 Jul, 2011. Coin, Spain

QPA DJ Session! Psychedelic Trance :: Jul 16 2011 [FREE]

It’s all happening here, next Saturday, in and outside the cosy tapa-bar and restaurant El Sauce, just 5 min outside the town of Coin (direction Alozaina), 40 km from Malaga in Spain.

Everybody welcome to enjoy a few hours of uplifting exotic beats and sparkly melodies. High quality psytrance production guaranteed. Dj is Qubenzis Psy Audio. Hope to see you there 🙂

Facebook Eventmore info | Map

That’s it for this time.

Ricky .::QPA::.

Visit Qubenzis Psy Audio Youtube channel for latest psychedelic trance videos Visit Qubenzis Psy Audio on Myspace Follow Qubenzis Psy Audio on Twitter Follow Qubenzis Psy Audio on Facebook Follow Qubenzis Psy Audio on Reverbnation band page Qubenzis Psy Audio on Soundcloud Qubenzis Psy Audio RSS feed. Latest Psytrance updates! Custom electronic producer search engine
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