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Hi everybody, especially to you guys who follow the development of qubenzis music activities online. Though it’s hard to imagine anyone actually sitting glued to the screen waiting for whatever I post here when considering the very few official followers of this blog. But never the less, here we go again with fresh vigor.

Slow loading website

During the last months I’ve been upgrading a lot. It started with getting some crazy automated remarks from my Google Webmaster and Adsense accounts telling that qubenzis.com was loading to slow. The reaction to that was to make a complete renovation of the backbone script that run the site… namely: WordPress

New front page

Built an all together new, much lighter, front page for qubenzis.com. Loads 40% faster than previous setup. Part of the medicine was to install the Minify scripts on the server. Then I installed the awesome plugin called W3 Total Cache. And in order to get further I also dumped a few interfering plugins. I learned that, for example, WP-Piwik wouldn’t work together with W3. Easy choice of which one to dump.

Reptile Alien Angry DJ in HeadphonesNew T-shirt store

In the heat of the battle I managed to create a whole new line of “Alien DJ” t-shirt and hoodie designs. These wicked creations are now all available in our Shops on both Spreadshirt and Zazzle under the new store names Psychedelic Alien (spreadshirt) and Alienselect (zazzle). Additionally I built a page on qubenzis.com from where website visitors can choose from a few of the designs and, by clicking on the nifty “buy now” buttons directly are teleported to corresponding page in the spreadshirt store. Honestly, at this point I find the pricing of zazzle products a bit over line.

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